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Volunteers Needed | Se necesitan voluntarios!

Volunteers are needed to assist with Food Distribution. Sign up by clicking the button below!

Se necesitan voluntarios para ayudar con la distribución de alimentos. ¡Regístrate haciendo clic en el botón de abajo!

Coats, Toys, and Gift Cards

Fall drive.png

Send out is requesting your support this season. 

Fall to Winter is our heaviest time as we support coats for families in need, Gift Cards for Thanksgiving to supplement Food Distribution Boxes and Christmas presents for our Christmas Store open to select families in need. 


We are focused now on Coats, Thanksgiving food gift cards, and toys for the Christmas Store. 

Separate registrations to adopt a family will happen later. 

We are in need of approximately $6250 dollars for coats and thanksgiving. Financial contributions to Epworth UMC marked Local Kids are most welcome. We would like to receive  funds for coats by October 20th in order to distribute coats at the beginning of November. We would like to receive cards or funds for  Thanksgiving Baskets by November 10th.


We are looking to provide 125 Coats for MFC, Rosemont, Forest Oak, EAABF, Past Discretionary at approximately $30 a coat = $3750. Doing $25 gift cards for 100 families from Food Distribution. comes to $2500 (We are collaborating with partners to cover 50 more food gift cards for Cider Mill Food Distribution participants)

This is a total of $6250


If people prefer to donate a coat or a gift card, they can do so. 

We need 100 Giant gift cards of $25 

Anyone wanting to donate a specific coat should contact Reina by text or email Gift cards can be dropped in the black box outside the admin office. 

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