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In 2003, Epworth had a vision to make disciples through Christ-centered world missions and health ministries, student scholarships, and general ministries of the church. From that vision, Epworth’s Endowment Fund was born.

Current Endowments

  • The Louise Fetzer General Endowment for local missions

  • The Delbert and Bernice Foster Scholarship Endowment for Epworth member students enrolled in an accredited university or vocational school

  • The Reverend Gerard and Rita Green Family Endowment for global missions outside of Epworth; local, nationwide or worldwide

  • The Mary Owens Parish Nurse Endowment for local missions focused on health and wellness

  • The Nada Schnabel Spirit of Service Endowment for service projects both inside and outside of Epworth

  • The Jim Bleadingheiser Trustee Building Maintenance Endowment for the Board of Trustees to use in the maintenance and upkeep of Epworth

  • The Lauren Ann Pauley Marchetti Scholarship Endowment for Epworth member students enrolled in an accredited university or vocational school

  • The Reverend Jen Fenner and Edgard Téllez Family Endowment for Immigrant, Racial, and Environmental Justice supporting justice for Latin American, Indigenous and African communities abroad and locally

  • The Derek and Linda Harps Community Outreach Endowment for outreach to our local community.

Anyone can make a contribution at any time to any of the existing funds. Contributions can be any amount. Any direct contribution will be added to the total principal of the fund and will never be used. The principal investment is used to generate wealth through interest earnings. And the generated wealth is then used to invest in ministries that align with the purpose of the fund.

To create a new endowed fund, families or individuals must gift a minimum of $10,000 to Epworth.


Undesignated funds like the Fetzer fund can be used for general purposes as determined by leadership and can help to support outside ministries as well as general ministries of the church. Thus far the endowment mini-grants have supported inside and outside causes:

  • Spanish language radio programming

  • Epworth leadership development

  • Family ministry new initiatives

  • Building maintenance projects including contributions to replacing doors, HVAC

  • Gaithersburg Beloved Community

  • Rosemont PTA reading efforts

  • Health initiatives including Daniel Plan materials, CPR classes in English and Spanish, Workshops for immigrant women on pertinent health issues including childhood diabetes

  • Local Invite initiatives (Back to School Sunday, Soccer Clinic, Easter Egg Hunt etc.)

  • Ongoing scholarships for Epworth students

Endowment Grant Application Process Now Open

Application Deadline:  July 14, 2023

Epworth is currently accepting applications for grants from its Endowment Fund. Grants are available for a variety of causes including church-based mission work as well as local, national, and international mission work.

You may qualify for a grant if you meet these basic criteria:

  • Have a relationship with an Epworth member who can attest to your mission and goals and will agree to sponsor your application

  • Are a 501(c)3 organization with a valid tax ID number

  • Meet criteria established by individual endowment funds (available in the application documents)


The Endowment Fund Grant Application may be accessed online by clicking the button below. You will be directed to a fillable and signable PDF form that you can download and enter your information.

Funds Available for use in 2024

Application Questions

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