To be a church of the community that invites, connects, disciples, and send out

people for Christ as the Holy Spirit transforms hearts, lives and communities.

Luke 5:32 I have come to invite people to change their hearts and lives

Our mission:

To be a church of the community

that invites, connects, disciples, and sends out people for Christ;

passionately partnering with the Holy Spirit

in the transformation of hearts, lives, and communities.

Epworth’s ministries are divided into four areas:


1. Invite to Reach

2. Connect to Engage



3. Disciple to Walk with



4. Send Out to Impact

Our values:

1. Jesus at the Center

Jesus should be at the core of EVERYTHING we do and EVERY relationship we form.

2. Purposefully Multicultural and Multilingual

We are multicultural and multilingual on purpose. Reconciliation across race, ethnicity, and language is an essential part of becoming

the full-created body of Christ. There is a reason it was every tribe, every tongue, every nation worshiping at the throne. Returning to

who we are created to be requires humility, repentance, forgiveness and action. Multicultural and multilingual ministry is our joy and

strength and challenge.

3. Growing Daily in Faith

Faith should never remain stagnant. Each of our members should be growing in personal holiness and intentional discipleship through reading of scripture, prayer, worship, and service.

4. Standing for Justice

We are passionate about social holiness as a way we grow in our relationship with Christ and as Christ’s call on us. The world is our

parish and the need around us our call to action.

5. Intentionally Apprenticing and Passionately Making Disciples

Discipleship is a life on life process of becoming more and more like Christ in all decisions every day. Discipleship begins with repentance and culminates in leader development and multiplication


6. Living to Serve God and Others

We are united at Christ’s feet because we want to become like Christ. We are here to serve God and others not to be served.


7. Committed to Excellence

We are not volunteers. We are disciples and we believe that the Lord wants our first and our best, thus we hold all of our members to the standards of accountability, growth, continual evaluation and improvement.


8. Glorifying God in the Way we Relate to Each Other

Our love for God is seen in how we love each other. We are connected in Christ-centered relationships that honor God!

9. Existing for Something Greater than this Church or Ourselves.

Invitation and outreach are essential to impacting others as a church OF and WITH the community. We do not exist for ourselves. We

are about God using us for the coming of God’s kingdom among us.


10. Daily in Need of God’s Grace, Forgiveness, and Love.

We are sure we are not perfect. That is why we NEED Christ. We are living in and living out God’s grace therefore we act with mercy

and lead with love.