Epworth is a community of people that reaches, engages, disciples, and impacts real people

for Christ as the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts, lives, and communities. 

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Epworth is committed to it's mission and core values. Explore what they are here. 

Epworth is a United Methodist church. Therefore, we follow the doctrine and polity of the United Methodist Church. 


Epworth is committed to the well being and spiritual development of the children in our community. See how we are working towards this goal.

Epworth has a diverse body of leaders with a wide range of expertise. Explore more here. 

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Epworth works diligently to create a safe place for youth in our community to develop their faith, practice their faith, and make a difference in their world. 

Epworth offers to its Preschool and Kindergarten children a warm, supportive atmosphere that fosters creative activities and individual growth through experimentation and exploration.

Nursery School

Life groups are the way our church desires to be a community focused on building authentic Christ centered relationships, biblical based study and action.