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Embers: Infant and Toddler Ministry

Sundays | 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Ages Infant to Preschool

What is Embers Ministry?

Epworth is committed to raising up a generation who knows and loves the Lord with heart, soul, and mind. In addition, we desire to be a welcoming and growing church where young families will feel drawn and supported. To accomplish these aims, we have prioritized childcare as a fundamental need of the church. 

For Infants-PreK Children: Embers Infant and Toddler ministry is designed for children to have an opportunity to witness God's grace firsthand.  We utilize every Sunday morning the First Look Curriculum by Orange.

For parents: Childcare can free parents to worship,  study, and serve the church and community, knowing their children are being nurtured in God's love.


For more information about Ember Infant and Toddler Ministry, or other Family Ministries, please contact Pastor Tammi Brantley.

(301) 926-0424

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