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Epworth is currently allowing

small groups (10 people or less) to gather outside.

Please note there is NO BUILDING ACCESS ALLOWED at this time

Each group that meets must have a designated leader who ensures group members are in compliance with all protocols set by the Executive Team. The person leading the group is responsible for keeping everyone in compliance and may ask someone to leave for failure to comply.

When signing up, it is the responsibility of the leader to decide if their group is open to anyone who wishes to join or closed to a specific group, like an Epworth Small Group. For closed groups, please enter the names of all attendees and place an 'X' in any empty slots. If the group is open to those who wish to join, enter your own name and the beginning and ending times of your meeting in the comments.

  1. Absolutely no more than 10 persons during each time slot.

  2. Absolutely no more than 1 group may meet during each available time slot. (In addition to Sign Up Genius public groups, there are established meetings and Life Group gatherings already on the calendar.)

  3. All available time slots are listed. Please do not meet at times not listed or not available.

  4. Every person in the group must be signed up on Sign Up Genius to track interactions. No one can join the event unless they are signed up. After each event, the leader must report anyone who did not show or any new persons who came by emailing with the person’s name and the time and place of the meeting.

  5. When special circumstances warrant, leaders may be asked to take in person attendance. ONLY in these SPECIAL cases will persons in attendance need to sign document, which will be left outside, indicating they do not have symptoms and have no known immediate exposure. “Clean Pens” and “Dirty Pens” containers will be provided.

  6. Face masks must be worn at all times, covering both mouth and nose.

  7. Everyone must practice social distancing at all times, at least 6 feet apart.

  8. Each person should bring their own chair or blanket to sit on. Tables and chairs may not be removed from inside the building.

  9. No food or drink is to be exchanged.

  10. Bathrooms are not available. No one is to enter the building.

  11. Each group must meet in a separate location. Available areas include the courtyard, front lawn, parking lot, front porch, and parsonage backyard. All areas are available on a first come basis.

  12. Meeting slots are in multiple-hour windows. You may use any or all of this time, but you may not arrive before the time slot and you must clean up and leave by the end of the time slot

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you are ready to register a group
or find an open group to join, please click below to register on Sign Up Genius.

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