Food Donation Volunteers


support food distribution through the summer of 2022

Since March 2020 Epworth members and friends and the Lord's Table have supported the Food Distribution Ministry which developed in the heart of COVID shutdown. Contributions have been made to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund and been used to purchase boxes, chicken, supplementary produce, beans, rice and more.

In addition to these contributions, over the past 2 years Epworth and The Lord’s Table, as partners in a Manna grant program, have collected and purchased food items for more than 15,000 food packages distributed to local families in need.  Each package weighed approximately 20#, and was intended to feed a family of 4 for 3 days.  Our food distribution efforts have been supported by many individuals, including Warren Craig, local school and church canned food drives, produce donations from local farmers, and other outside sources. This June marks the end of our Manna grant (with the Lord's Table) and the USDA free produce food source. Epworth does continue to receive 20 boxes weekly from Gaithersburg Help.

While outside COVID focused resources diminish, Epworth and our partners believe that food insecurity persists and if not is greater among certain sectors of the community. Epworth food distribution depends on the collaboration of Linkages to Learning coordinators, Mujer Fuerza y Coraje founder, Safe Places Resident Association at Cider Mill, Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative and others. Our partners share our sense that food insecurity among these served families continues.

Epworth is working with the Lord's Table to solicit ongoing support from the Capital Area Food Bank. Please pray for God's will in this process.

In the meantime food distribution will continue this summer exclusively supported by member and friend contributions. We encourage you to support this initiative. Ongoing contributions can be made to  Epworth UMC, the pastor's discretionary fund. On average it will cost about $10,000 to continue food distribution at this level June, July, and August. Please contact Pastor Jen or Reina Miranda with any questions.