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A small community focused on building authentic Christ-centered relationships through biblical-based study and action.



Community: A group of 6-12 individuals who develop deep relationships that allow them to fully experience the grade and movement of God in their lives. These authentic relationships include both supporting each other in prayer and speaking the truth in love as part of growing in accountability to each other.

Study: Group study is critical to our individual spiritual growth; just as Jesus’ disciples learned to become like Him by spending time with Him, we need to spend time with Him in biblical-based study.

Action: As we grow into an authentic loving community, we need to reflect this image of Christ to those beyond our small group.

There are multiple opportunities to be part of a Life Group. Below is a list of the current active groups.

Tuesday | Martes
12 p.m.: English Bible Study Online and In Person (Room #201), led by Pastor Jen Fenner

7 p.m.: English Life Group Online, led by Judy Fenner

7 p.m.: English Discipleship Group (studying Esther) In Person, led by Sarah Jane Skinker

8:30 p.m.: Spanish Life Group Online, led by Marcela Uberhuaga


8 p.m.: English Women's Group Online, led by Pastor Tammi Brantley

Thursday | Jueves

7 p.m.: English Young Adults Group In Person, led by Christina Castillo

7:40 p.m.: Spanish Bible Study Online, led by Marcela Uberhuaga

12 p.m.: English Life Group Online, led by Orville Wilson & Francis Conteh

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