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Dear Epworth


We your pastors invite you to 27 days of Prayer and Consecration in the New Year. We invite you to read each of these scriptures on the assigned day, listen to the podcast that corresponds, and to enter into a time of personal prayer, starting with the topic listed.


We invite you to make this a spiritual practice of consecration – giving your head and your heart TIME and SPACE to be set apart – consecrated to God daily. Please allow your prayers to move as God leads.


We pray that together this will help us as Epworth journey deeper into what God asks of us.



Pastor Jen, Pastor Tammi, Pastora Yolanda

The first days (Jan 1-2) Thanksgiving & Praise

Saturday January 1

  • For thanksgiving and praise for what God has done and who God has shown Godself to be in 2021.
    Psalm 118 1, 5-9

Sunday January 2

  • For thanksgiving and praise for what God will do in 2022 and the new ways we will come to understand who God is in 2022.
    Psalm 100

Week 1 (Jan 3-7) Cleansing & Forgiveness

Monday January 3

  • For myself, that the work of renewal will start in me.
    Psalm 51

Tuesday January 4

  • For my family (partner, parents, children, extended family) that they would enter this new year with hope for what is yet to come and a sense of belonging in God’s love.
    Joshua 24:15

Wednesday January 5

  • Prayer for those over whom I have influence and authority (children, individuals under my leadership, persons for whom I am a caregiver) For their wellbeing and for my faithful use of influence in their life.
    1 Chronicles 21:17

Thursday January 6

  • For an awareness of and forgiveness from my sin, that I will enter 2022 and live into 2022 with a constant willingness to seek and grant forgiveness.
    Psalm 51:1-6

Friday January 7

  • For holiness and purity moving into the new year, that I will not carry the burden of 2021 into 2022 or the habits of 2021 into 2022. That I will see each day as a new opportunity to start fresh!
    Isaiah 1:16-19


Week 2 (Jan 10-14) Restauration and Healing

Monday January 10

  • For my home that it would be safe, clean (physically and spiritually) and healthy – and that I would commit to keep it so.
    James 5:13-16

Tuesday January 11

  • For my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health and that of those in my sphere of influence.
    Psalm 146

Wednesday January 12

  • For a spirit that continually is soft and repentant and seeks restoration with God. For a particular sensitivity for those who do not yet know God’s saving grace and for the places in me that I hide from this transformative power.
    2 Chronicles 7:11-16

Thursday January 13

  • For a spirit of mercy and grace with myself and others.
    Psalm 86:1-7

Friday January 14

  • For continued belief that God does heal and God does save. For the willingness to live knowing our past does not determine our present or our future.
    Jeremiah 32:36-41


Week 3 (Jan 17-21) Calling, Provision, Blessing, and Protection

Monday January 17

  • For the ministry to which I am called; that I would be faithful in living into my call.
    Joshua 1:1-6

Tuesday January 18

  • For my finances, that God would provide, that I would work hard, and that I would give faithfully through tithing and offering to the kingdom of God.
    Genesis 39:1-8

Wednesday January 19

  • For freedom and protection from temptation, that I would constantly be aware that I need God’s covering.
    Psalm 5

Thursday January 20

  • For God's provision in every place – particularly where I personally am weak.
    Isaiah 40:1-11

Friday January 21

  • For those who are suffering, particularly in my immediate community, that God would hear my prayers for their healing.
    Jeremiah 33:1-10


Week 4 (Jan 24-29) Refocus & Reorientation

Monday January 24

  • For the ability to trust God and learn through every challenge I face, applying the lessons of the past to refocus my next steps.
    Hebrews 10:32-39

Tuesday January 25

  • For the fruit of the Spirit in my life – that each day I would grow closer to the reflection of God’s love in me.
    John 12:44-46

Wednesday January 26

  • For the humility to be continually open and molded by God’s will.
    James 4:6-10

Thursday January 27

  • For the obedience to follow into the next steps God has for me and the strength to always keep my eyes focused on God.
    Deuteronomy 8:1-9

Friday January 28

  • For the willingness to change as God transforms me.
    Deuteronomy 4:35-40


Week 5 (Jan 31-Feb 4) The power of God’s word
over and through my life and my areas of influence

Monday January 31

  • For a commitment to justice and a willingness to risk in order to speak the radical love of God in this world.
    Isaiah 1:1-17

Tuesday February 1

  • For wisdom to aptly understand what is before me and respond as God leads.
    Proverbs 1:1-7

Wednesday February 2

  • For this country and for other countries, that leaders would be guided by the spirit of God and members of the community would hold decision makers in constant prayer.
    Isaiah 58:1-14

Thursday February 3

  • For my church and the church universal, that we would be the hands and feet of Christ and that leadership would be yielded and sensitive to God.
    1 Corinthians 12:21-27

Friday February 4

  • For the gospel to go out into the world, specifically through what I say, what I do, and how I AM with others.
    Matthew 28:11-20