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2020 Lenten Reflections from Pastor Jen


Prayer Focus Day 1: Repentance

Prayer Focus Day 2: Mercy

Prayer Focus Day 3: Knowing God more Intimately

Prayer Focus Day 4: Examining our Hearts and seeing our Unrevealed Sin

Prayer Focus Day 5: For Those who are Exposed to the Virus by their Work in Hospitals,

Groceries Stores, Pharmacies, and Essential Businesses

Prayer Focus Day 6: Forgiveness

Prayer Focus Day 7: Against Fear

Prayer Focus Day 8: Increase my Faith

Prayer Focus Day 9: Self Control and Freedom in Christ

Prayer Focus Day 10: For Persons with Financial Need, those who have lost their Jobs and

for Business and Churches Struggling Financially

Prayer Focus Day 11: Breaking Strongholds and Curses and Repeated Negative Patterns

in our Family Tree

Prayer Focus Day 12: For our Elders and those who are Most Vulnerable to Sickness 

Prayer Focus Day 13: Leaving Bad Habits and Beginning New Habits

Prayer Focus Day 14: Praying Physical and Spiritual Healing

Prayer Focus Day 15: Praying for Revival in Hearts and Communities and in Epworth

Prayer Focus Day 16: Praying for Epworth and the Larger Church

Prayer Focus Day 17: Praying for our Leaders and World leaders

Prayer Focus Day 18: Praying for Doctors, Scientists and all Persons Searching for a Cure

Prayer Focus Day 19: Praying for Marriages and Children and Grandchildren

Prayer Focus Day 20: Wisdom and Discernment

Prayer Focus Day 21: Praying to see the Glory of God

To be a church of the community that  invites, connects, disciples, and sends out people for Christ;  passionately partnering with the Holy Spirit in the transformation of hearts, lives, and communities.



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